wasting time
jongkey is like cake.

it takes precious time to make, and if you don't have time to devote to a cake that you've started on for a while now before realizing that you can't bake for shit, then you sure as hell won't have time to bake anything else.

not cupcakes, not pies, hell, not even cookies.

sit down, for the love of—

coming clean
i've been thinking about this for a while now, ever since i started losing interest in the shinee fandom. it's no use to keep up this journal if your passion's gone, right? and i figured i might as well get it over with sooner than later.

so. hi. you probably don't know be by anything beyond this screenname. i'd be freaked out if you did, but that aside, i'm just a regular girl like most of you.

this journal was created out of jealousy. i was actually a big jongkey shipper back then (surprise, surprise, taste the delicious irony), but the crumbling of the fandom was too much for me. as a reaction, i lost faith in my otp and went to the opposite side to vent out all my frustrations against the ship i believed in the most. the ship that ultimately betrayed me.

it isn't until recently that i realize how much pain i've wrought. eventually, i realized that it wasn't jongkey that had betrayed me, but it was i who had betrayed the ship. each day that this journal is up, each new post that i make is the equivalent of stomping the already weakly floating ship further into the ocean depths of broken otps.

i know i may not be forgiven so easily, but i hope that this song is a start. i know that jongkey will never listen to it, but i hope that just posting this out on the internet for others to listen, knowing that i did something to atone for my sins, is enough for now.

thank you, and good day.

waiting forever
jongkey is like cake.

it takes up all your resources to bake and then you wait forever for it to bake. precious time that you could have used on more productive things like having a life.

and then it comes out shitty anyway.

no, we are not talking about refrigerator cake.

spoiled broth
jongkey is like cake.

too many cooks spoiled the batter, and now the entire thing is one big, fattening, poisoned dessert just waiting to choke you.

no licking the spoon either, or you'll get salmonella.

on the boob tube
jongkey is like cake.

it looks pretty behind glass and in pictures and on television, shiny and glorified and looking so good that you have to have a piece of that right now, damn it.

then you actually get a taste of it.

advertising lies, and the truth just slapped you like a wet trout to the face.

totally called it
just sayin'.

mama tells me i shouldn't bother
jongkey is like cake.

your mama told you not to eat it because it was bad for you, but you didn't listen to her and took a big fat slice anyway.

half an hour later, you're writhing on the floor clutching your stomach, and you realize your mama was right.

how else is jongkey like cake?
jongkey is also like cake in that there's substance in there somewhere

but just a little. it's mostly made out of icing and frosting which looks delicious when you first look at it, until you take a bite and realize that it is overly sweet, entirely artificial, and extremely fattening.

Writer's Block: Something like that
What is the BIGGEST lie you've ever told?

Jongkey is real.

what is jongkey?
jongkey is like cake.

it is a lie.


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